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About BenHong

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About BenHong

Our factory is located in the “Changxiang Industrial Park” of North China Carbon Base in Shanxi and Liaoning Province.
The entire factory covers an area of 88,000 square meters, with the construction area of 42,800 square meters.
There are 280 employees, including 39 technical staff.
The company’s total assets exceed 600 million and annual comprehensive production capacity has already exceeded 50,000 tons.
Our main products are UHP/HP/RP Graphite electrodes ,GPC/CPC,and other Graphite products.

CEO & BenHong

Founded in Handan


Created stable relationship with Major domestic steel factory


Annual production capacity of 30,000 tons per year


The Ministry of Foreign Trade Benhong was established


Established new factories in Shanxi and Liaoning provinces


Serve customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, Germany and other countries

Low carbon and
environmental protection

We’re proud to be part of the biggest recycling process in the world – the recycling of steel scrap to create new steel.Our customers operate so-called electric arc furnaces, in which graphite electrodes constitute the core element of the melting process.Compared to the still dominant method of creating steel from iron ore in a blast furnace, our products help save around 80% of CO2 emissions. And it doesn’t end there: many of our customers work intensively to tackle the remaining 20%

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