High Pure high temperature resistance Carbon Graphite Block For Casting

The advantages of graphite blocks in the metallurgical field include high-temperature resistance, excellent conductivity, and corrosion resistance, contributing to equipment stability and enhanced production efficiency.


Product application

Graphite Carbon Block is a kind of carbonaceous refractory material made from coke, anthracite or graphite, and tar as raw materials after being mixed and shaped, and burned to 1450℃ in reducing flame. The carbon mass fraction is 88% to 90%. It can resist the erosion of molten metal and various slag, but it is easy to be oxidized. It’s used for masonry bottom and hearth of blast furnace.Bearings and seals in pumps, turbines and motors and So on.


Graphite blocks are mainly used in three aspects:

Utilizing its excellent conductive properties as conductive materials, such as anodes of magnesium electrolytic cells, conductive electrodes and end walls of graphitization furnaces.

Use its excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance as refractory materials, such as the bottom masonry of iron-making blast furnaces.

Using graphite blocks as the matrix, mechanical processing, impregnating and curing with synthetic resin or other liquid impregnating agents to produce chemical equipment, such as block graphite heat exchangers.

Advantages of graphite blocks

Graphite blocks have several advantages, including:

Strong conductivity: Graphite blocks are excellent conductors, suitable for various electrical and electronic applications. They exhibit good electrical and thermal conductivity, thus finding wide use in batteries, electrolytic cells, conductive lubricants, and more.

High chemical stability: Graphite blocks demonstrate stability in many chemical substances, resisting acids, alkalis, solvents, etc., making them extensively used in the chemical industry.

Good mechanical properties: Graphite blocks possess a certain level of strength, hardness, and elasticity, enabling them to withstand certain pressures and abrasion in mechanical applications.

Excellent high-temperature resistance: Graphite blocks maintain stability at high temperatures, resisting thermal stress and thermal shock.

Good lubrication properties: Graphite blocks act as effective lubricants at high temperatures, serving as lubricating additives, for instance, in manufacturing mechanical components.

Product Introduction

Certain physical characteristics can be matched to given specifications by varying the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. We can supply a wide range of graphite Blocks and cut-off Plates below:

  • Iso-graphite
  • Molded graphite
  • Extruded graphite
  • Vibration Molded graphite
  • Further processing graphite, such as Impregnated graphite, Oxidation resistant graphite, etc.

Specifications for BENHONG Graphite block


Unit Nominal diameter Packing

Specific Resistance

μΩ·m 8.9 Wooden box

Flexural Strength

MPa ≥12

Compressive Strength



Grain size MM


Bulk density g/cm3


Ash content %


Other attributes

Place of Origin Liaoning and Shanxi Province, China
Brand Name BENHONG
Standard Size 500*500*1800mm,650*500*1800/2400mm,630*630*2100/2400/3300mm
Other name lump graphite,artificial graphite
Packing Wooden box



Our advantages

The company always adheres to the concept of “customer first, integrity- oriented, win with quality, and progress with the times”, while complying with contracts, being trustworthy, guaranteeing product.

 Our business principles include good market reputation, honesty and trustworthiness. Integrity is the foundation of BENHONG, while quality is the life of the company.

1.30 years of production experience has convinced us that this is our careers, not just a business.

2.We have all the certificates needed in the field:ISO/SGS/MSDS.

3.Our team is honest, united and has a high service spirit.

4.We have establaished cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Iran,India, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and other countries.

5.Customer as the core of the complete after-sales service.

6.The repeat purchase rate exceedns 92%.

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