China optimizes and adjusts export control measures for graphite products. The lifting of export controls on graphite electrodes benefits the carbon industry.

The Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and others jointly issued the “Announcement on Optimizing and Adjusting Temporary Export Control Measures for Graphite Items”. The announcement pointed out that three types of highly sensitive graphite items, including spheroidized graphite, have been included in the export control list of dual-use items and have been cancelled. Temporary control of five low-sensitivity graphite items, including furnace carbon electrodes, which are mainly used in basic industries of the national economy such as steel, metallurgy, and chemicals.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said that this adjustment is a specific measure by the Ministry of Commerce to continue to optimize export management and support the development of foreign trade of enterprises. It is also an important measure to strengthen export control of graphite items. Industry insiders interpret and analyze that this adjustment will help promote the export of high-quality graphite products, and at the same time benefit the export of basic industrial products such as graphite electrodes. It will help promote the sustainable development of China’s graphite industry and benefit carbon product manufacturing enterprises.Graphite block

Adjustment of export policy for graphite products, affecting industry geometry

It is understood that graphite is a material with a special structure and has a variety of properties, including high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, electrical conductivity, lubrication, chemical stability and plasticity. Due to these properties, graphite plays an indispensable role in modern industry and is widely used in traditional industries such as refractories, electrode brushes, pencils, casting, sealing and lubrication, etc.
China is the world’s largest graphite producer and exporter. In 2006, when the Ministry of Commerce and other national ministries and commissions issued temporary export control measures, they included graphite products, including graphite electrodes used in the steel industry, industrial silicon carbon electrodes, etc. According to relevant regulations, domestic enterprises must obtain approval from the competent authorities before exporting. The application for an export license means a certain time limit, which reduces the efficiency of enterprises to expand overseas markets and objectively affects the development of the industry.
Sun Qing, honorary president of the China Carbon Industry Association, said in an interview with a reporter from the Global Times that graphite products are widely used, and graphite products that involve national security and interests and fulfill international non-proliferation obligations must be controlled. In addition, graphite products should be considered Lift. Since 2006, China has implemented temporary controls on graphite-related items, which has continued until now. Domestic graphite electrode and other manufacturers have repeatedly called on the Ministry of Commerce to lift export controls. The China Carbon Industry Association has repeatedly communicated with the Ministry of Commerce on this issue to express the demands and wishes of manufacturers.
Sun Qing said that this time the Ministry of Commerce adjusted the previous export control measures for graphite products and included graphite products such as aviation and military industry into formal control, while those used for national economic purposes, such as graphite electrodes, were removed from the control list. This adjustment is conducive to the development of the industry and the development of the national economy.
It will benefit the domestic carbon manufacturing industry and make the export of graphite electrodes more convenient.
After the “Announcement” is released and implemented, what impact will it have on the graphite electrode industry? The reporter also interviewed managers of relevant companies in the carbon industry.
According to industry insiders, the terms of the “Announcement” reflect a “release” and a “collection” and are closely related to the products and development of carbon manufacturing companies. This time, the country optimizes and adjusts the export control measures for graphite products and cancels temporary controls on five graphite products, including furnace carbon electrodes, which are mainly used in basic industries of the national economy such as steel, metallurgy, and chemicals. This will benefit the export of the graphite electrode industry and further expand the carbon industry. The international market has created favorable conditions, which are conducive for carbon manufacturing companies to base themselves on the two major domestic and international markets and provide high-quality services to domestic and foreign merchants.
In addition, the Ministry of Commerce announced clearly that high-purity, high-strength, high-density artificial graphite materials and their products, natural flake graphite and their products are not allowed to be exported without permission. Chengdu Carbon, a subsidiary of Fangda Carbon, is China’s largest manufacturer of isostatically pressed graphite. Some investors asked whether this policy adjustment will have an impact on the production and operation of Chengdu Carbon Materials?
In response to the questions of investors, Chengdu Carbon Materials managers stated that the isostatically pressed graphite products produced by Chengdu Carbon Materials have independent intellectual property rights, and the leading product, isostatically pressed graphite for photovoltaic Czochralski single crystals, occupies a dominant position in the market. Currently, Chengdu Carbon Materials Carbon products mainly serve and satisfy the domestic market, and export restrictions will not have a substantial impact on the company’s development.
The promulgation of the “Announcement” will bring new inspiration and opportunities to the development of the carbon industry. Industry analysts believe that this will greatly enhance the confidence and confidence in the development of the carbon industry, prompt China to further increase the export of graphite products, and to some extent will drive the growth of demand for Chinese graphite products in foreign markets and further increase the market share of China’s graphite products. rate, we do not rule out the possibility of short-term overseas customers increasing their purchases, which is beneficial to the development of the entire industry.


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