Development Prospects of Graphitized Petroleum Coke

The emergence of graphitized petroleum coke is recent. Although it is not a new product, it is one of the existing graphite materials. Due to its simple survival method and low survival cost, its emergence has expanded new uses. Graphitized petroleum coke is a better carburizer for smelting. In the steelmaking industry, to produce good steel requires good raw materials, including good carburizers. Graphitized petroleum coke is a better carburizer. . In the absence of graphitized petroleum coke, the graphite waste is relatively small, the price is high, and the cost of steelmakingCarburizing agent increases, which restricts the development of the steel industry, limits the occurrence of petroleum coke graphitization, and breaks the bottleneck of petroleum coke graphitization production. .
China’s steel industry is developing rapidly. In 2011, China’s steel production was 683 million tons, and in 2012 it was 713 million tons. In the past, the domestic smelting industry generally used low-end non-graphitized carburizers. With the improvement of product quality and the need for upgrading, graphitized coke will be increasingly used in our country. According to conservative calculations, graphitized coke is used for steelmaking. 0.05%, annual consumption is 350,000 tons.
In recent years, people’s requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction have become higher and higher, and industrial kilns are developing in the direction of large-scale, super-large, and technological development.
Graphitized petroleum coke can partially replace graphite crushing, and the market demand is increasing year by year. From January to December 2012, my country’s cumulative output of graphite and carbon products was 28.668 million tons (of which 10% of graphitized petroleum coke was included in the production of graphite and carbon products, with an annual increase of 2.86 million tons). In 2012, my country’s graphite electricity output that can produce graphite filaments was 648,000 tons, and 7% of the graphite filament output was 45,360 tons. The amount of graphite is small, the cost is high, and the price is high. Therefore, graphitized petroleum coke has good business opportunity prospects. The production of carbon and graphite is used in the fields of military industry pyrotechnics stabilizers, light industry pencil leads, power industry carbon brushes, battery industry, fertilizer industry catalyst additives and other fields. High-tech products such as high-purity graphite, lithium-ion battery materials, graphite emulsions, graphite sealing materials, composite materials, graphite wear-resistant additives, and graphene can be obtained through deep processing of graphitized coke. Using graphitized petroleum coke as raw material, it has broad application prospects.


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