High Carbon Calcined Petroleum Coke CPC manufactor 1-5mm

Calcined petroleum coke, as a carbon source, aids in regulating the furnace’s chemical composition, controlling the alloy elements’ content, and simultaneously adjusting the hardness, strength, and other properties of steel.



Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) has several advantages:

  1. High Fixed Carbon Content: CPC contains a high level of fixed carbon, providing reliable carbon elements and enhancing the carbon content of the furnace charge.
  2. Low Sulfur and Nitrogen Content: Typically low in sulfur and nitrogen, CPC helps reduce impurities in metallic materials, improving the purity of the finished steel.
  3. High Heat Value and Energy Density: Its high fixed carbon content results in a high heat value and energy density, releasing more heat during smelting, thereby elevating furnace temperature and accelerating reactions.
  4. Stable Chemical Properties: CPC exhibits stable chemical properties and doesn’t readily decompose or volatilize at high temperatures, maintaining a stable chemical environment in the furnace.
  5. Slag Control: Used as an additive, CPC can regulate slag properties, optimizing slag flow and reducing viscosity during the steelmaking process.
  6. Homogeneity: As a homogeneous granular material, CPC is easy to mix and incorporate into steelmaking materials, enhancing material homogeneity and consistency within the furnace.

Overall, Calcined Petroleum Coke, as a steelmaking additive, provides high-quality carbon elements, optimizes slag characteristics, raises furnace temperatures, and accelerates reactions, thereby improving both efficiency and quality in steel production.

Specifications for BENHONG  Calcined Petroleum Coke CPC

Specifications 1# 2# 3# 4# 5#
Fixed carbon 98.5%min 98.5%min 98.5%min 98.5%min 98.5%min
Ash content 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.7%max 0.7%max 1%max
Volatile matter 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.8%max 0.8%max 1%max
Sulfur Content ≤0.3% ≤0.5% ≤0.8% ≤1.2% 1%max
Nitrogen 1%max 1.1%max 1.2%max 1.2%max 2%max
Moisture 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.5%max
Size 0-1mm,0-2mm,1-3mm,1-5mm,or as clients’ request

Packing and shipping,test

1 5mmCPC shipping 1 5mmCPC ton package CPC test

Lead time

Quantity (tons) 1-5000 >5000
Lead time (days) 15 To be negotiated

The reason to choose us

Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quick quotes superior quality products competitive prices and fastest possible.

1.30 years of production experience has convinced us that this is our careers, not just a business.
2.We have all the certificates needed in the field:ISO/SGS/MSDS.
3.Our team is honest, united and has a high service spirit.
4.We have establaished cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Iran,India, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and other countries.
5.Customer as the core of the complete after-sales service.
6.The repeat purchase rate exceedns 92%.

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