Factory supply Low sulfur GPC Graphitized Petroleum Coke for foundry industry Carburizing agent

Graphite petroleum coke is an important carbon additive in the steel industry, which can affect the composition and quality of steel, while helping to improve production efficiency and product performance.


Application of graphitized petroleum coke

Graphitized Petroleum Coke GPC is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 2800℃. It is widely used as the best kind of recarburizer for producing high quality steel,special steel or other related metallurgical industries,because of it´s high fixed carbon content,low sulfur content and high absorb rate.

  1. Alloy Smelting: In alloy smelting processes, petroleum coke, when used as a heating and reducing agent, enhances the quality and purity of alloys. It facilitates rapid reactions at high temperatures, aiding in the removal of oxides and impurities, thereby improving the composition and properties of the alloy.
  2. Casting and Smelting: Petroleum coke is utilized as an additive in foundries and smelting processes to enhance the quality and surface finish of castings.
  3. High-Temperature Refractory Materials: At times, graphitized petroleum coke is used in the production of high-temperature refractory materials. These materials find application in the lining of metallurgical melting furnaces or other high-temperature equipment due to their high-temperature stability and resistance to corrosion.

Specification for BENHONG Graphite Petroleum Coke GPC

Carbonization agent Fixed carbon Ash content Volatile matter Moisture Sulfur  Content Nitrogen  content Size
High temperature graphitization ≥99.0% ≤0.50% ≤0.50% ≤0.50% ≤0.05% ≤300ppm 0-1mm




Mid-temperature graphitization ≥98.5% ≤0.50% ≤1.0% ≤0.50% 0.30% 800-2000ppm

Dimensional chart display

0.2 1mmGPC 1 3mmGPC 1 5mmGPC 5 8mmGPC

                 0.2-1MM                                        1-3MM                                     1-5MM                                           5-8MM

Advantages of Graphitized Petroleum Coke GPC carburizer

As a casting material graphitized petroleum coke carburizer can be described as having many advantages, first of all, it can improve the furnace temperature to provide a high temperature and stable environment for smelting materials, and secondly, it can prevent the blockage of the water outlet, greatly improving the service life of the ladle, not only so graphitized petroleum coke carburizer in actual use also has many advantages such as less volatile matter.

Other attributes

Place of Origin

Liaoning/Shanxi, China

Brand Name



graphite Petroleum Coke For Steel Making




Petroleum Coke

Chemical Composition



High purity

Product name

Graphite petroleum coke


Carbon raiser/additive/price/recarburizer,GPC







Payment Term



15 working days


1MT plastic woven bags or according to clients’ requirement.

包装—1 5mmGPC吨包


Lead time

Quantity (tons) 1-5000 >5000
Lead time (days) 15 To be negotiated

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