carburizer Synthetic Graphite Powder for iron and steel-making

The characteristics of synthetic graphite powder in the steel industry include high purity, uniform particle size, stability, and the ability to adjust alloy content, serving as a carbon additive to regulate steel properties and quality.


Introduction and application of graphite powder

The production process of synthetic graphite powder typically involves the following steps:

  1. Raw Material Preparation: High-quality carbonaceous materials such as graphite ore or other substances with high carbon content are selected.
  2. Graphitization Process: The raw materials are heated to high temperatures (usually between 2000 to 3000 degrees Celsius) to undergo a graphitization process, transforming them into a graphite structure. This step may involve methods like arc discharge, plasma graphitization, or chemical vapor deposition.
  3. Crushing and Grinding: The material, after graphitization, is crushed and ground into a powdered form, obtaining the desired particle size of graphite powder.
  4. Screening and Refinement: The graphite powder undergoes screening and refinement to eliminate impurities and control particle size distribution, ensuring product quality.
  5. Packaging and Storage: The final synthetic graphite powder is packaged and stored for subsequent transportation and application purposes.


Synthetic graphite powder exhibits specific traits when used in smelting:

  1. Protective Role: It forms a protective layer during smelting, preventing metal oxidation and unnecessary loss.
  2. Smelting Aid: Serving as a smelting aid, it lowers melting points, facilitating metal fusion and flow, thereby enhancing smelting efficiency.
  3. Improves Metal Properties: Adding synthetic graphite powder can enhance the mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of metals, improving the quality of the final metal products.
  4. Refining Agent: During metal smelting, synthetic graphite powder aids in refining the composition and structure of metals, elevating their purity and uniformity.

Specification for BENHONG Graphite powder

Carbon 99.50%
Ash  <1.5%
Moisture  <0.2%
Sulphur  <0.02%
Real Density  2.1-2.2g/cm3
Bulk Density  1.05-1.15g/cm3
Porous rate  >45%

Effect of particle size of graphite powder on steelmaking

In the process of steelmaking, there are specific requirements regarding the particle size of graphite powder used:

  1. Uniformity and Dispersion: Graphite powder should have a uniform and fine particle size to ensure good dispersion in the molten steel. Uniform particle size ensures even mixing inside the furnace, enhancing its reactivity during the steelmaking process.
  2. Reaction Rate: The particle size of graphite powder can impact its reaction rate with other substances. Finer particle sizes often result in quicker reactions due to increased surface area, potentially improving reduction and alloying efficiency.
  3. Homogeneous Mixing: Consistency in particle size ensures better mixing with other additives during steelmaking, ensuring uniform distribution throughout the molten slag or metal.

Generally, the particle size requirements for graphite powder depend on the specific steelmaking process and desired reaction conditions. Manufacturers or steelmaking engineers select the appropriate particle size range based on these factors to ensure optimal steelmaking performance and product quality.

Other attributes

Place of Origin

Shanxi, China

Brand Name




Other name

artificial graphite


jumbo bags/25kgs bags

Packing and delivery

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Packaging Details ton bag or in

25kgs PP bag, then into ton bag


Lead time

Quantity (tons)

1 – 100 > 100
Lead time (working days) 10

To be negotiated

About us

Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quick quotes superior quality products competitive prices and fastest possible.It is specialized in the production of calcined petroleum coke, carbon raiser, graphite petroleum coke, graphite electrode, graphite block, graphite powder.

Factory has passed ISO9001: 2015 system certification. Our work team has strong graphite development and production capacity, providing different high-quality graphite electrodes and carbon products solutions for the different customers:Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia,the Middle East, Russia, Europe and North and South America.

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