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Natural graphite powder serves as a carbon additive in steel refining, adjusting steel properties while also employed for protection, lubrication, and, occasionally, in refractory materials due to its stability and performance under high temperatures.


Application and feature of graphite powder

Graphite powder is a versatile material widely used across various fields:

Industrial applications: It serves as a lubricant, added to oils, greases, and pastes to reduce friction and wear, thereby enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of mechanical equipment.

Battery technology: Employed as a conductive additive in lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and other battery systems to improve battery performance and energy storage efficiency.

Materials science: Used as an additive in high-performance plastics, rubber, coatings, and paints as a conductor and thermal conductor, enhancing their electrical and thermal conductivity.

The characteristics of graphite powder include high electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent chemical stability, good lubrication, and corrosion resistance. Its diverse properties make it highly promising for a wide range of applications in different industries.

Specification for BENHONG Graphite powder

Carbon 99.50%
Ash  <1.5%
Moisture  <0.2%
Sulphur  <0.02%
Real Density  2.1-2.2g/cm3
Bulk Density  1.05-1.15g/cm3
Porous rate  >45%

Other attributes

Place of Origin Shanxi and Liaoning Province, China
Brand Name BENHONG
Color black
Other name flake graphite powder
Packing ton bags/25kgs bags

Packing and delivery

Graphite powder packaging 2 Graphite powder packaging 5

Packaging Details ton bag or in ton bags/25kgs PP bag, then into ton bag
Port Tianjin

Lead time

Quantity (tons) 1 – 100 > 100
Lead time (working days) 10 To be negotiated

About us

Hebei Ben Hong New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quick quotes superior quality products competitive prices and fastest possible.

Factory has passed ISO9001: 2015 system certification. Our work team has strong graphite development and production capacity, providing different high-quality graphite electrodes and carbon products solutions for the different customers:Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Australia,the Middle East, Russia, Europe and North and South America.

1.30 years of production experience has convinced us that this is our careers, not just a business.

2.We have all the certificates needed in the field:ISO/SGS/MSDS.

3.Our team is honest, united and has a high service spirit.

4.We have establaished cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Iran,India, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and other countries.

5.Customer as the core of the complete after-sales service.

6.The repeat purchase rate exceedns 92%.

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