The difference between calcined coke and petroleum coke

The difference between calcined coke and petroleum coke 1: Appearance

Calcined petroleum coke
Calcined petroleum coke

Calcined coke: From the appearance, the calcined coke is a black block with irregular shape and different sizes, with strong metallic luster, and the pores of the carbon particles are more transparent after calcining;

Petroleum coke: There is not much difference in shape compared to calcined coke, but compared to calcined coke, the metallic luster of petroleum coke is weaker, the surface of the particles is not as dry as calcined coke, and the pores are not as transparent as calcined coke;

Difference 2 between calcined coke and petroleum coke: production process and indicators

Petroleum coke: Petroleum coke is a product produced after crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil is transformed through a thermal cracking process. The main element is carbon, and the rest is hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, metal elements and some Mineral impurities, etc. (water, ash, etc.)

Calcined coke: Calcined coke is made by calcining petroleum coke. Raw material calcination is an important process in the carbon production process. During the calcination process, the carbonaceous raw material structure and element composition will undergo a series of changes. Through calcination, Most of the volatile matter and moisture in the raw materials are removed. With the removal of most of the volatile matter and moisture, the carbonaceous volume shrinks, the density increases, and the mechanical strength becomes stronger, thereby reducing the secondary shrinkage of the product during calcination. , the more fully the raw materials are calcined, the better it is for product quality.

Difference 3 between calcined coke and petroleum coke: usage

Calcined coke: Calcined coke is mainly used for prebaked anodes and cathodes used in electrolytic aluminum, carburizing agents for metallurgical and steel industry production, graphite electrodes, industrial silicon and carbon electrodes for ferroalloys, etc.

Needle coke in petroleum coke is mainly used in high-power graphite electrodes, and sponge coke is mainly used in the steelmaking industry and carbon industry.


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