Manufactured Regular Power RP Graphite Electrodes for LF and EAF

Regular power graphite electrodes offer efficient energy consumption, good thermal conductivity, and a reasonable lifespan, making them suitable for various electric arc furnace operations and contributing to consistent steel quality


Graphite electrode brief introduction

Graphite electrode, also known as artificial graphite electrode, is based on petroleum coke and needle coke as the main raw materials, and coal pitch as the binder.After calcining, grinding, mixing and kneading, extrusion forming, roasting, asphalt impregnation, graphitization, machining and other series.A high temperature resistant graphite conductive material produced by the process.

Graphite electrode is mainly used to release electric energy in the form of arc to heat and melt the furnace burden. The graphite electrode is made of petroleum coke, and the needle coke is made of graphitization, because only graphite can withstand the high temperature in the arc furnace.
In EAF, the tip of the electrode can reach 3,000º Fahrenheit, which is half the temperature of the surface of sun. The graphite will sublime at 3550℃, so the Electric arc furnace electrodes is easier to bear At the same time, it can achieve smaller electrode loss.


  1. Electric arc steelmaking furnace.
  2. Ladle arc refining furnace.
  3. Ore-heating furnaces.
  4.  Resistance furnaces.

Specifications for BENHONG Graphite electrode

Diameter 75mm-1400mm with lengths of


75mm-700mm with lengths of



350mm-700mm with lengths of


Parameters of Regular Power RP Graphite Electrodes

100~200 250~300 350~600
Specific resistance Electrode μΩ·m 7.5-8.5 7.5-8.5 7.5-8.5
Nipple 5.8-6.5 5.8-6.5 5.8-6.5
Transverse strength Electrode MPa ≥10.0 ≥9.0 ≥8.5
Nipple ≥16.0 ≥16.0 ≥16.0
Elastic modulus Electrode GPa ≤9.3 ≤9.3 ≤9.3
Nipple ≤13.0 ≤13.0 ≤13.0
Ash content Electrode % ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
Bulk density Electrode g/cm3 1.55-1.64 1.68-1.73 1.68-1.73
Nipple ≥1.74 ≥1.74 ≥1.74
C.T.E Electrode 10-6℃ ≤2.4 ≤2.4 ≤2.4
Nipple ≤2.0 ≤2.0 ≤2.0

Other attributes

Place of Origin Liaoning and Shanxi province, China
Brand Name BENHONG
Color Black
Other name Graphite Electrode for Electric Arc Furnace,steel/Graphite Electrodes With Nipples Product
Packing Graphite Electrodes are packed on wooden pallets with steel strips

Graphite electrode recommended joint torque

Electrode Dia Torque
mm inch Nm ft-lbs
250 10 450 333
300 12 650 480
350 14 850 630
400 16 1100 810
450 18 1500 1100
500 20 2500 1850
550 22 3500 2570
600 24 4000 2940
650 26 5000 3704
700 28 6000 4410
750 30 7500 5522
800 32 9300 6848

Lead time

Quantity (tons) 1-5000 >5000
Lead time (working days) 15 To be negotiated

Packing,protection and safe transportation

Ultra High Power (UHP) Graphite Electrode- High Power(HP)Graphite Electrode--safe packing graphite electrode

Take the belowactions to avoid electrode break up, trip and over-oxidation during steelmaking

Adjust the phase sequence of electrodes. In the three-phase electric arc fumace, the phase sequence should be right of anticlockwise. Breakage will happen because of the loosing taken place because of the clockwise sequence.

Reduce the factures and breakages because of external mechanical force.material collapse in the fumace and improper operation. Load large pieces of steel material in the lower level of the fumace and distribute the scrap evenly.

Avoid non-conductive materials in the scrap; don’t put lime and other non-conductive objects gathering just right under the electrodes.

Attention to the lid position; Align the electrode columns with the roof hole and keep the electrodes column in parallel. Always keep the roof hole wall clean in order to avoid the accumulation of residual slag.

Maintain the furace tilting system in good condition so the fumace tilting remain stable.

Avoid clamping device holds electrode junction and nipple joint.

Protect the end faces of electrodes. Avoid bad connection because of end faces oxiclation and embed foreign object.

Protect the tips of electrodes and nipples thread from mechanical damage before and during connecting of electrodes.

Prevent slag or foreign objects embedding the surface of electrodes and nipples which will affect the threading in; blow the surface with compressed air before connection.

Reduce the consumption of oxidation of the electrode perimeter to enhance the sealing of the fumace in order to reduce air intrusion. Minimize the exposure time of the hot electrodes outside the fumace. Appropriate operation of oxygen blowing.

Selecet nipple of good quality and good machining accuracy, avoid mixed using nipples from several suppliers.

Suggest to take spray cooling technology for melfing fumace; it can effectively reduce the oxidative consumption of the surface of electrodes.

About us

BENHONG is a professional manufacturer, specializing in the field of graphite electrodes. With various products, the specifications of graphite electrode range from 100 mm to 700 mm in diameter. Our RP graphite electrodes have various specifications, These products always have three types of lengths, including 1800 mm, 2100 mm and 2400mm. If user has special requirements, please contact us.

1.30 years of production experience has convinced us that this is our careers, not just a business.
2.We have all the certificates needed in the field:ISO/SGS/MSDS.
3.Our team is honest, united and has a high service spirit.
4.We have establaished cooperation with Saudi Arabia,Iran,India, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and other countries.
5.Customer as the core of the complete after-sales service.
6.The repeat purchase rate exceedns 92%.

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